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  Current Tender/Auction     Closed Tender/Auction
01- QPMC/TD/2020/11 QPMC General Insurance for Assets & Equipment’s (Grade A companies only).
02- QPMC/TD/2020/12 Call Off Order for Pantry Supplies (For 3 years).
03- QPMC/TD/2020/08 Catering Services for QPMC Sand Plant in AlKaraana.
04- QPMC/TD/2020/09 Supply of Flocculent for QPMC Sand Plant in AlKaraana.
05- QPMC/TD/2020/10 (Microsoft) Subscription for M365 E3 + ATP.
06- QPMC/TD/2020/06 Medical Insurance for QPMC staff (Grade A companies only).
07- QPMC/TD/2020/07 Supply of Diemme Filter Press spares.
08- QPMC/TD/2020/04 Structural repair and bearing replacement works on Crane Kranbau 3 & Kranbau 4.
09- QPMC/TD/2020/05 Vessel Charter Service for Bulk Construction Materials Export Operation from Sohar Port and Khatmat Milaha Jetty in Oman to Qatar for Qatar Primary Materials Company.


  Awarded Tender/Auction
01- (QPMC/TD/2019/19) Supply of Equipment (Tractor Sweeper).
02- (QPMC/TD/2019/03) Quality assurance, quality control & Testing of aggregate material from quarry sources in Oman to QPMC storage in Qatar.
03- (QPMC/TD/2019/15) Provision of Security Services for QPMC for three years..
04- (QPMC/TD/2019/17) Supply of Car Rental services for QPMC.
05- (QPMC/TD/2019/09) Supply of Fender Spare part for Gabbro berth Terminal.
06- (QPMC/TD/2019/08) Supply of Personal Protective Equipment for Qatar Primary Materials Company On A Call-Off Basis.
07- (QPMC/AUC/2019/01) Auction of Unused & obsolete IT Equipment’s.
08- (QPMC/TD/2018/27) Provision of Waste Management Services
09- (QPMC/TD/2019/06) QPMC General Insurance for Assets & Equipment’s (Grade A companies only).
10- (QPMC/TD/2018/28) Maintenance for QPMC CCTV Surveillance system.
11- (QPMC/TD/2019/04) Medical Insurance for QPMC staff.
12- (QPMC/TD/2019/02) Call Off Order for Printing Services.
13- (QPMC/TD/2018/26) Call Off Order for Pantry Supplies
14- (QPMC/TD/2018/15) Travel Agency Services.


01- (QPMC/TD/2020/01) Supplying of the SINAMICS Active Line Module – 6SL3330-7TE41- 0AA0 - Siemens for Hyundai Cranes.
02- (QPMC/TD/2020/02) Annual Maintenance Contract for IT Server and Storage Support.
03- (QPMC/TD/2020/03) Supply of the BMHS Conveyors spare Motors.
04- (QPMC/TD/2019/41) Supply of Hardox-500 Fabricated wear plates and fasteners for Hyundai Cranes.
05- (QPMC/TD/2019/40) Supply of advance mechanical tools for efficient maintenance of trucks & loaders.
06- (QPMC/TD/2019/35) Supply of Wire Ropes for Kranbau Cranes.
07- (QPMC/TD/2019/36) Inspection & Auditing of the Shore Crane for Half-Life Refurbishment & Reporting by OEM.
08- (QPMC/TD/2019/37) Supply of the PLC Modules & Electrical Spares for GBT Kranbau.
09- (QPMC/TD/2019/34) Annual Maintenance contract for Network Devices (Cisco, Palo Alto, F5).
10- (QPMC/TD/2019/29) Supply of Four (4) Dual Scoop Grab for Hyundai Cranes.
11- (QPMC/TD/2019/30) Design and build for development of construction and demolition waste recycle plant at Rawdat Rashid for QPMC.
12- (QPMC/TD/2019/31) Supply of one unit mobile impact crusher and one unit of full automated mobile power screen for production of recycled material from construction and demolition waste at Rawdat Rashid.
13- (QPMC/TD/2019/32) Supply of one unit mobile cone crusher and two units fully automated mobile power screen for the treatment of sand oversize material at Kar’aana sand plant.
14- (QPMC/TD/2019/20) Supply of Equipment (Man Lift).
15- (QPMC/TD/2019/21) Supply of Equipment (Boom crane Truck).
16- (QPMC/TD/2019/22) Supply of the steel and fabrication materials to fabricate store shelves.
17- (QPMC/TD/2019/24) Supplying of the Relays and Spare Parts for Substations.
18- (QPMC/TD/2019/25) Supply of the Testing Tools for Substations.
19- (QPMC/TD/2019/26) Supply of the Hoisting Gearbox for Kranbua crane.
20- (QPMC/TD/2019/28) Supply of the Tools for BMHS and Crane maintenance team.
21- (QPMC/TD/2019/10) Supply of Lubricants for QPMC On A Call-Off Basis.
22- (QPMC/TD/2019/11) Supply of Tires for QPMC On A Call-Off Basis.
23- (QPMC/TD/2019/12) Supply of MAN Trucks Spare Parts for QPMC On A Call-Off Basis.
24- (QPMC/TD/2019/13) Supply of General Spare Parts for QPMC On A Call-Off Basis.
25- (QPMC/TD/2019/14) Supply of Volvo Trucks Spare parts for QPMC On A Call-Off Basis.
26- (QPMC/TD/2019/16) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consolidated Solution for QPMC Operation System.
27- (QPMC/TD/2019/18) Provision of Staff Accommodation in Mesaieed Catering Services and Laundry Services.
  Pre-Qualification     Vendor Registration




Survey to determine available Marine Sands.





Call for the rehabilitation of companies specialized in

recycling projects of building waste.

04- Cleaning / Screening of aggregates in QPMC yards.
05- Security Services to QPMC site 24 hours.
06- Supply of office boys and Cleaners for all sites.
07- CCTV.
08- Public Relation Companies.
09- Sweet Water Supply, Sewage & Skip Removal.
10- Pre-Qualification of Aggregate Suppliers.
  For registration please forward the required documents mentioned below and the Tender registration form to QPMC's procurement Department or to the following e-mail:

QPMC Head office 9th Floor,

QFB Building, Suhaim Bin Hamad St, Al Saad Area.

  To download the registration form please click here.
  Required documents for Registration
  Required documents for registering the property or updating its data:
  01- Clear copy of property CR
  02- Clear copy of branch CR
  03- Clear copy of owner ID
  04- Clear copy of the Commercial License
  Tender Information
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